A Cheyenne Half Breed and a German Agronomist Save the Homesteaders

Jody Glittenberg, an anthropologist, who has studied humans on four continents, living and learning about their joys and sufferings. She tells their stories authentically with wit and passion.

Wife and mother of 2 & 4 stepchildren, 10 grandkids, & one rescued dog, an artist and musician

A true Story Teller brings to life Homesteaders fight to save the Land from greed/misuse

Jody Glittenberg PhD, RN, FAAN,TC,. Professor Emerita of Nursing, Anthropology, and Psychaitry. U.of Arizona

We overcame drug dealing, gangs, and violence but poverty still surrounds us. Migration is a tough ride; some need to do it to save their lives and others to gain economic advantage. The story of Esperanza is a 21st Century story of fighting discrimination but losing the battle because of an unstable foundation. Mexicans coming from the Border labor longer than others for less pay. They move on as quickly as possible to greener fields north of the Border; their children never have a chance to stay in one school long enough to make a difference. Hence multi generations live in continual poverty. A comprehensive immigration system is suggested and reform of the correctional/​justice system

“I was Hungry and you gave me Food; Thirsty and you gave me Drink"

To the Mountain and Back
A classic anthropological study of hoe-and-machete Indians and Ladinos in Highland Guatemala, illiterate and poverty stricken. Yet they've learned ways of spacing births to maximize household economy. Exciting events such as Nurse Glittenberg's doing surgery on an old woman's belly whose guts were hanging out from being kicked by a cow.
The author also lives through witchcraft, hurricanes, and a volcanic eruption near er hut in a tiny village.
This first person account is readable, exciting, and authentic, and shows the stages of becoming an anthropologist. Rave reviews from students have continued over 20 years; (published by Waveband Press, 1994) Available on Amazon